Pronounced thall'-ah-sah, the 'th' is like that in thunder.
Thalassa is the Greek word for sea and the Goddess of the Sea.

Thalassa Books is an independent small press that began operations in the late summer of 2012. Offerings will include non-fiction and fiction books. Please check back soon for information regarding publishing services.

Thalassa Books' initial publication, released 8/8/2012, is Everyone's a Guru, written by Debra J. Rigas. The author has written hundreds of published articles both in print and online. Learn more about her at the website Complete Writing Coach, or on her Facebook Author Page.

Everyone's a Guru is a well-written, sometimes amusing account of author Debra J. Rigas's long time search for a spiritual guide who will show her the meaning of life. Rigas tells her story in a very visual, smooth-flowing narrative that takes readers along on her wondrous journey which at times reads like a travelogue. Readers will feel as if they are in the passenger seat, riding right alongside her. Perhaps the best thing about this book is that its author never takes herself too seriously, an unusual characteristic for this type of memoir. Readers should find the book's conclusion especially satisfying. Aesthetically, the book's design is clean and easy to read. The back cover linear notes do a great job of summarizing the story and its author. The inclusion of a detailed index is a welcome addition. -- Writer's Digest

Everyone's a Guru is currently available through Amazon , Powell's Books , Barnes & Noble , Kindle Books, and directly from the publisher. For bulk orders, please send an email with details.

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Paperback: 296 pages
Genres: Spirituality / Metaphysics / Philosophy / Self-Help
Language: English
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